Longest Limo in the World?

Check out this video of the longest limo in the world! The total length is 100 feet (more than 30 meters). It has 26 tires, room for a lot of passengers, a heated Jacuzzi, sun deck, swimming pool, a few beds and a helipad! This insane limousine was built by a man named Jay Ohrberg. Jay builds custom cars for movies and TV shows in Hollywood.  Would you want to ride in this one?

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Sorry guys. Limousines are here to stay (I swear, these things are amazing to ride in!)


The only reason I’m writing about them (and I swear, I love Melbourne so damn much) is that yes, I was back in Melbourne for even more party times. Holy shit. I love this city and everything it has to offer.

Limousines are considered some of the most luxurious automobiles that are used to offer special transportation services. A limousine is a general term that is used to refer to elongated luxury sedans, that can be used as normal automobiles. The guys over at RSV certainly showed how important this is to me!

The elongated nature of a limousine is one of the key styling and functional requirements for the operation of this special category of automobiles. When it comes to styling, the long body structure serves to ensure that the limousine is conspicuous enough and stands out from the ordinary automobile. (Hell yes?)

When it comes to functionality, the long body structure ensures that there is enough space inside the car’s cabin so that the limousine can be fitted with an array of luxury components and equipment such as tables, refrigerated components, spacious chairs and top of the range infotainment systems. I was lucky enough to sit in Raco’s big 16 seater Hummer, which came with complimentary Moet. How nice!

A typical limousine is usually chauffeur driven with the chauffeur being either an employee of the limousine owner or an employee of the limousine company. This fact introduces two important aspects when it comes to the ownership of limousines. Most limousines, at least in the United States, are company owned. Raco owns all of his own cars, and does everything he can to maintain and keep them running at the best possible level. He recognises the value of these businesses to him, and he certainly had ME hooked. Well done.

Alright, that’s enough about me. I want you to check out this video (since we’re on the subject of limousines haha).

Ouch. Painful.

Haldanes In The World

Sorry MonteCristo, I think you have a problem.

Was visiting an awesome cigar store just a few weeks ago (yes, I do like my Cubans occasionally and realised that there are plenty of people to be blamed for not obeying the proper regulations and rules.

Seriously. How much more of this corporate espionage bullshit can you take?

If you are like most people, hopefully not at all.

Moving on. Had a fake cigar that tasted absolutely nothing like the ones I’m used to. It was bland, uninspiring and downright disappointing. Like for real dude. If you were going to put in that much god damn effort into a cigar that will make all of you that much more money, shouldn’t you at least try to make it taste good?

Tasted like socks. Not even kidding. I need a wrench to completely plumber out my system before I get horrible tummy aches.

Now for the fun bit I’m sure everybody is asking about. What is up with this missing plane story, man?

For the god knows how many time in such a long stretch of time, we have had a major incident involving the plane. Like holy shit. Could you imagine? Losing your life completely out of your own god damn control.

I think I would literally shit myself.

My Time In Australia

Recently came back from a trip to Australia. Seriously one of the best experiences of my life!

I think I’ve fallen in love with the country and the people. There is just so much to do there, and so many things to see and visit. I’ll definitely be back there again really soon.

Hung up at my cousin’s place for the weekend, and he took care of us really well. We even helped him move! What we ended up doing though, was calling the help of an actual removal specialist. Think it was www.geelongmoverservice.com.au. Fantastic service. So without further ado I’d like to share with you some of the pictures and sights I got to see out there:


Barwon Heads view!


Road trip all the way out to the country:

great-ocean-walk-stunning-coastal-scenery-on-the-way-to-castle-coveBeach point.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

It’s amazing.


Pest Control Workings?

You can also change the rewards of your employees by providing some life experience than some regular rewards to boost your employees’ happiness. For an instance, providing a helicopter ride, vacation to the mountains and free tickets to overseas are way more effective than providing material objects like an iron, television, pest or even a computer.

Research also indicates that providing support to employees when they are in need and attention is an excellent way of making then feel happy. When you don’t pay attention to some employees, they will feel left out and have the mentality of they are not needed in the company. When they feel unsatisfied on their work, listen to what they are unsatisfied about in their work and try to fix it so they will feel happier when working – 

Providing mobile technology could prove effective for workers to feel happy. The usage of smartphones and electronic devices enables them to work even though they are not in the office. This will make them feel that they can work anywhere without going to the office. Furthermore, there are Wi-Fi facilities provided in most areas around the city.

Going solo in work had always been a trend in offices, therefore promoting team working may prove effective in raising employees’ happiness. With team members, you can bounce ideas from one to another easily and have more opinions. This will not only enhance the results of their work but also increase their teamwork with team members to laugh together.

Painter Service For Our Store?

Truth to be told, we don’t like painters very much because they never end up doing a good job for us… Anyway. We don’t like being told what to do, that is why we realise that there are so many things to do if everything is done the right way. Painting should be an awesome and thankless task for plenty of people.

You do not want to muck it up, especially if you are a painting company. This is why we recommend that you follow some of the guidelines I have lined out for you below:

In a particular company, the concept of fair treatment is very crucial in employee retention. All current staffs are always looking for new opportunities to achieve higher income. For example, a person received a $20,000 in raises within half a year time, these information do not stay a secret in the company.

If you have a staff who has an important role and has a lot experience in work with great contribution to the company finds that he or she is making less money from an employee, the staff would probably go and find a new job. Therefore, you should consider whether this staff deserves any raises and how this will impact other employees.

If an employee is doing a poor job in his work, you should ask yourself whether the work system is causing this particular employee not doing a good job. If that employee knows the layouts of his or her work, then the answer would probably be the time given. There is a solution for this problem which is causing the employee to change job are time, tools and training. All employees must have these traits in order to excel the job or they will find another employer who provides these aspects.

For those employees you wish to retain, find them some opportunities to grow in their careers. Without these opportunities and challenges, it would actually make them feel stagnate. A good employee must always experience growth opportunities when working for a company.

Hope those are some incredibly helpful tips!

How to hire a good employee

Below is an extract of what good employees look like. If you want the best way to do things, that would be really awesome.

Facing difficulty in finding and hiring good employees which you desire? Then this article will help you in both the process of recruiting and hiring of new employees.

First of all, setting a checklist is important in the process of hiring new employees. Before preparing the checklist, always check whether a new and replacement position of and employee is a necessity. Find solutions on ways to enhance the productivity of your work without employing new staffs (eliminate work that are not needed to be done).

You would also need to prioritize the key requirements which are needed from the candidate who wishes to be employed (special qualification and traits). The salary range of that particular employee should also be calculated and whether the department is capable to afford hiring employees should also be taken into consideration.

You could also send an all-company email to notify staffs that a new position has been declared that you are hiring employees. Those particular staff members should be qualified to apply for this job. Once that is cleared, schedule an interview for the candidates. You should always take into consideration on the time the candidates are most likely be available.

Conduct interviews with each interviewer so they are clear about their role in their interview process. This should always cover the aspects of culture fit, customer responsiveness and technical qualifications. Make sure the job candidate evaluation form is filled out by interviewers. If this does not turn out alright, ensure the applicants are clearly communicated on why they are not selected. Providing feedback and thought to them will help them to work on their weaknesses and be successful.

If you found your desired candidate, construct a written job offer to let them know the layouts and salary of their job. When the process of finding new candidates does not turn out well, extend your search even further to the external candidates. Develop your own candidate pool of diverse applicants after that. Spread out the news of the availability of that particular position to friends and associates available.

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook can be also a good site to promote jobs. Newspaper ads could also come in handy in creating a diverse pool of candidates. Websites related to latest news and newspaper are one of the best site in finding additional employees. As time passes, more people should be applying for your job. So, the process of finding qualified candidates should not be overlooked.

If the candidates appear suitable for the position, you would then contact them to conduct another interview. If it’s the opposite, keep their resume in a folder in case they become necessary in the future.

Once the desired number of applicants is achieved, analyze the resumes and applications which are against the prioritized qualifications established. Phone screen candidates who achieved the desired traits for that empty position, salary requirements is then set.

By Haldanas Stores

Brand new postings, brand new business

Welcome to my site.

As an ex-plumber trying to make sense of a complicated business world and tough economic situation, there are plenty of things that need to be done in order to make sense of whatever is out there.

Let’s get going because I thought I was too big to fail, but one day my business decided to tank like the gates of hell closing in on myself. Tough luck, to be honest.

There are so many ways to do things in this industry it’s to be honest not even funny. If i had a dollar for every time I met someone who wasn’t ethical and had something to offer my business, I would cringe in regret and be like, what the hell is going on here?

Totally feeling like I’m the hedge in the picture below.


The next thing we need to do is break stereotypes and get the word out there, that the universe isn’t always as peachy as people make it out to be. There are plenty of words out there that have no meaning what so ever, and at the same time plenty of people who don’t deny that business is hard.

Like, god damn you’re right. It IS hard, and it IS difficult to succeed and make a living here on this planet. However not everybody feels the same way, so you need to make sure that everybody else out there fully understands this strange phenomenon.

What the hell am I even saying eh? Just sounds like I’m ranting on and on and on about random things. Whatever.

Anyway, if you’re interested in learning more about what I used to do for a living, but there are so many things that are out of control right now that we just aren’t aware of. Too bad, I say. Because if you needed a broad set of guidelines to fix the problems you have right now with the things that just don’t make sense, you need help!

Candy, anybody? I’m just a fat 50 year old ex plumber looking to make friends….